Party in the Canteen, OR Random Odds and Ends from Recent Daily Life

It rained in the city yesterday morning.

Rain in New York has a different character from all the other rain I’ve ever seen in my life. Back home in Texas and at school in New Jersey, rain makes everything suddenly go green. New York, on the other hand, gets hazy. Everything’s bathed in this faint, honey-hued tint, and the view out of a bus window starts to look like a vintage postcard. It makes me wonder if maybe a rainy day in New York looked the same in 1960…1950…1940.

– – – – –

Went to the Met for the entire afternoon this past Saturday. How have I never been there before?

I know the idea is to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount and high culture of all the ~art~ in the building, but apparently my priorities were a little skewed that day because I was a little more taken with this…

…than with much of what I saw in the exhibits. That is one hell of an entry hall. I’m such a sucker for arches upon arches upon arches. I was also quite taken with this:

…which is just a portion of the part of 5th Avenue they call “Museum Mile.” It’s a rather quiet, manicured portion of Manhattan and there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t give to be able to live in an apartment overlooking that street. Almost.

– – – – –

Seen and heard at work: The most glorious sky-blue hi-lo skirt I have ever seen. A friend’s super-gay and super well-dressed manager telling me that I’m “not allowed back upstairs unless you bring chips.” Someone sneezing in a cubicle and an anonymous coworker yelling, “EWWWW.” A co-intern fist-pumping at a lunch table and declaring, “PARTY IN THE CANTEEN.” A naked male model in an elevator. Another co-intern saying, “Ah, my chariot arrives,” upon seeing the company shuttle pull up to Penn Station.

As seen on the streets: I stumbled upon the Pride NYC parade on Sunday! I thought I’d missed it, so imagine my surprise and delight when, as it turned out, I suddenly started seeing skinny men wearing angel wings and people carrying rainbow flags gathered up and down 5th Av on my way to University Place. Admittedly, the pride parade and I got off to an aggravating start when I was having trouble getting to my lunch appointment (because so much of 5th Av had been closed off to people trying to cross it), but honestly, I could never stay annoyed at a gay parade. I mean, it’s a gay parade, for fuck’s sake. It was lively and colorful and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a stunning number of men in short shorts in a single place. The men-in-short-shorts density was through the roof, I’m telling you. It was glorious.

Foraging: tried The Grey Dog on E12th and University Place. Medium price range with typical American fare — lots of burgers, sandwiches, etc. I had the tuna melt, which was a little too strong for me. Ended up leaving most of it behind. Fabulous, fabulous location near NYU.

Currently on heavy rotation: “Believe” by The Bravery, an old-ish (by current standards) song that I recently rediscovered while waiting for my pad thai takeout at Hi Thai on Ludlow Street. The most readily identifiable line of it has got to be the opening of the chorus: “so give me something to believe.” This song means a lot to me; for some reason, over the past few years I kept hearing it at oddly fitting points in my life when I was having trouble placing trust in various entities — myself, friends, miscellaneous others. But I kept forgetting to look it up each time I heard it…or at least, I kept forgetting until now. I’ve finally successfully identified my loss-of-faith anthem.


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