Cataracts and Hurricanoes, OR How a Bit of Piddly-Ass Rain Ruined My Weekend

For anyone who’s confused by the first portion of the title of this entry and convinced I spelled something wrong, blame Shakespeare. It’s from his immortal King Lear.

For anyone who got it — you win!

– – – – –

I was supposed to be on a plane from NYC back home to Houston starting today at roughly 4 pm, but a predicted thunderstorm made my airline flip shit and cancel the flight. I was halfway to the airport on NJtransit with a piece of luggage half my weight at the time. Effort rendered pointless. Also wasted something like $34 on unnecessary cab and train fare, since I basically just lounged around the terminal for a few minutes and came right back.

The best part? The thunderstorm never happened. There was a little bit of piddly-ass rain, and by 1:45 pm — long before my takeoff time — skies were blue and full of puffy white clouds again.

My rebooked flight leaves Sunday evening, and it’s not even a goddamn direct flight. No, I get to make a super-fun unnecessary stop in Chicago first. And then I touch down for the last time around midnight.

I’m so furious right now, I can’t even. I just can’t.

– – – – –

Last photo of NYC taken this summer:

– – – – –

Foraging (and this is the last time I’ll do this for New York!):

Tried Shanghai Mong on West 32nd near 6th Ave. Overpriced but moderately good, and their bubble tea has an interesting innovation that I’ve never seen before: finely shaved ice. Normally ice takes up a huge amount of space in a cup of tea and just makes you feel like you’re missing out on something or running out of beverage way too quickly, but this place basically turns your bubble tea into a smoothie. You get ice without its volume or added dilution.

Pad Thai (yes, that’s its super-creative name) on 8th Ave between 30th and 31st is a nightmare. Everything tastes like cardboard but is priced like high-grade art paper. The end.

– – – – –

Currently on heavy rotation: “I Am Terrified” by IAMX. Gorgeous.


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