London is Magical, OR Some Festive Moments in the United Kingdom

I’ve seen New York City in December, and while New York gets plenty festive, it’s nothing compared to just how bloody magical London gets after late November. Christmas lights go up everywhere, store windows get glitzy, pine needle garlands pop up all over pillars and windowsills, and huge light fixtures form archways over major shopping streets and intersections.

And in Knightsbridge, miniature Christmas trees are put up where you’d least expect them:

Knightsbridge, 12/17/12

During my last full day in London, a couple friends and I went to the Cadogan Hotel on Sloane Street in Knightsbridge for a bit of afternoon tea.

Cadogan, 12/17/12

It was a fabulously British way to end my 3-month stay in the country. For £22.50 per person, they brought us each a pot of tea and a shared 3-tier stand piled with sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese, lox and cream cheese, honey ham, mozzarella/tomato/basil), scones (with jame and clotted cream), and assorted little desserts (chocolate cakes, pineapple cakes, French macarons, and mini mince pies).

Cadogan, 12/17/12

The afternoon tea stand.

Cadogan, 12/17/12

Pineapple cake. The snowflake on top was made completely of sugar!

Afterwards we did a bit of shopping and saw Harrods all lit up like this:

Harrods, 12/17/12

No one does the holidays quite like the British~


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