Quick Look Back, OR a Master List of Everything I Did in the UK

(In the case of multiple visits to the same place, only the first instance is recorded here. And in the near future, I’m doing a series of proper retrospective posts, plus a New York vs. London chart-type thing~)

– – – – –
Arrived on the 18th at Heathrow. Took my first Tube ride(s) using an Oyster card given to me by a Princeton friend. Did desperate dorm ware shopping on Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. UCL move-in and international orientation. Met a solid group of cool Wellesley people. Chilled with J-Benz (erm, Jeremy Bentham’s dead body, tbh) at UCL. Saw homes of famous historical Brits (Bloomsbury Group, Adam Smith, etc.). Saw Trafalgar Square/National Gallery. Walked down Whitehall to the Palace of Westminster & other government buildings. Passed through Waterloo Station. Explored the British Museum. Hosted a visiting friend from Oxford. Visited Wellington Arch & Buckingham Palace. Lunched in Knightsbridge. Explored Harrods. Tried Turkish delight.

Wellington Arch, September 2012.

– – – – –

Started classes at UCL. Went to Chinatown for bubble tea and restaurants. Visited St. Paul’s & the famous Fleet Street all by my onesie. Shopped Regent St. and Piccadilly Circus in the rain. Hosted a visiting Princeton friend for a week. Toured Highgate Cemetery/Islington. Saw Karl Marx’s grave. Made a Brighton day trip; vintage shopped and went to the beach and pier. Had fish and chips at the seaside. Toured the Royal Pavilion. Had high tea at the Grand. Got pub food with another Princeton friend in Camden. Got smoothies and bratwurst at Borough Market. Walked Bond St. Browsed Spitalfields Market. Walked Shoreditch and Whitechapel. Took an East London street art tour. Crossed Tower Bridge. Read a Monica Ali novel in Regent’s Park. Walked Marylebone. Hosted another Princeton friend. Saw Tower Hill/Tower of London. Went pubbing. Saw Love & Information at the Royal Court Theatre. Saw London Bridge & the Great Fire memorial. Took a Horse Guards Parade photo op. Shopped near the British Museum; had ice cream across the street from it. Shopped Oxford Circus. Made a Women’s Library visit with history class (and got Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth, which is excellent, btw). Had lunch at Tayyab’s in Whitechapel with my English class from Princeton. Saw Timon of Athens at the National Theatre. Made way too many trips to Primark & Topshop. Attended my first British-style “tutorial” session. Wandered the Russell Square area.

East London, October 2012.

– – – – –

Ate Laduree macarons in Covent Garden. Had a very Victorian dinner at Great Queen Street in Holborn with my English class. Visited Windsor & Windsor Castle. Passed through Eton College. Went to used book stores & antique stores. Visited and walked through Oxford. Went to a Hollywood costume exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Saw Scenes from an Execution at the National Theatre (or this might have been October, I can’t remember). Saw Sightseers and attended a Q&A with the director and stars at the National Film Theatre. Went to the holiday market on the South Bank. Shared tons of meals at the Brunswick with my friend V. Sent postcards home. Had a panicked study session at V.’s building.

Oxford, November 2012.

– – – – –

Saw People at the National Theatre. Wrote an incredible number of papers in a very short time. Had a delightful chai latte under (yes, under) a hotel in Bloomsbury. Took a whirl on the London Eye. Visited the Winter Wonderland fair in Hyde Park on a cold, faintly drizzly evening. Had a gorgeous afternoon tea at the Cadogan on Sloane Street. Shopped in Knightsbridge. Ate one final, very proper British meal — a full English breakfast with tea — at a restaurant in Heathrow.

Heathrow, December 2012.


2 thoughts on “Quick Look Back, OR a Master List of Everything I Did in the UK

  1. Interesting that you and I have been to many of the same places — the Tube, Harrod’s, the London Eye, Oxford, Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. I enjoy hearing you talk about them because it’s like visiting them again. I envy you the Royal Pavilion at Brighton — I haven’t been there yet, but maybe one day. 🙂

    • We clearly have fabulous tourist-y tastes!

      Brighton in general is fabulous…its spirit reminds me a bit of San Francisco’s. And do take the tour of the pavilion! Some of the tour scripting is questionable, but it’s worth going through it to see the amazing dining hall with the dragon chandelier.

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