Listography, OR 20 Things I’ve Been Obsessed with Lately

1. The uncanny. I blame this obsession on recent readings of Vernon Lee, Hawthorne, and Freud. There’s something so deliciously creepy about certain things — dolls and dollhouses, repeated numbers, odd shadows, old paintings in dark rooms…it would serve us better psychologically to avoid or ignore these things, but we keep looking for them anyway. We’re weird like that.

2. A proper afternoon tea. I have such a thing for scones. The best ones I’ve ever had in my life were from The Cadogan in Knightsbridge (London), and ever since I’ve been sampling scones from all over the place to see if anything else can come close. Nope. But these in Stratford-upon-Avon made a great case for themselves nonetheless.

Scones with jam/clotted cream and sandwiches (smoked salmon, egg & cress, and tomato & cheese) at Hathaway Tearooms, Stratford-upon-Avon.

3. – something of a guilty pleasure. It’s an online community for the sharing of “looks” (2-image collages of photographs of an outfit), intended for fashion bloggers and anyone else who enjoys putting a lot of thought and effort into one’s personal style. A couple of my favorite users of the moment are Anna Le, Chris Nicholas, and Jennifer W.

4. Bubble tea anywhere outside of Houston is often pretty sketch, but the Formosa Tea Bar just off High Street in Oxford is surprisingly good. The tea is fragrant, the bubbles always perfectly cooked.

5. Magnets. I keep compulsively buying them. It’s mostly because my family collects them and decorates the fridge with them, but at this point, I’m pretty much out of control for no real reason at all. It happens.

6. Images of rocks and water. I’m in love. I can barely handle these things sometimes.

7. Negative space. It can look so striking —

Blenheim Palace.

8. The ubiquitous Céline luggage tote. I might sell my soul for one sometime in the future. I imagine it’s roughly the price the stores would demand.

9. Michelle Chamuel, who was on the singing contest show The Voice a little while ago. There’s a slightly misty quality to her voice when she hits certain notes (e.g., beginning of her cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”) and something about it is so evocative.

10. Oia Jules chain bracelets. I ordered this one a few days ago and am waiting impatiently to get back home to it. xD

11. Corgis. Always.

12. The focus of my upcoming English lit senior thesis, Evelyn Waugh.

13. That celebrity face-morph thing where you can mix famous people’s faces with each other and see what pretty person + pretty person results in (answer: another pretty person).

14. Taking close-up shots of flowers or leaves —

On Blenheim Palace grounds.

15. This very daring, summery aesthetic that’s been huge for the past couple of months: bandeaus, crocheted shit, caged details, crop tops with high waisted things, and cutouts — all day err’ day. Basically I think I subconsciously want to wear as little clothing as possible. Shrug.

From TOBI & Lulu’s.

16.  Postcards of Oxford – not my fault this campus looks so gorgeous in pictures. I’ve been sending one home every week and a half or so, and my boyfriend’s birthday card from me was, in fact, an Oxford postcard…because – let’s be real – this town is prettier than any Waterstones birthday card, okay.

17. Going out for Thai food. Everyone has that one thing they never get sick of consuming, and for me, this happens to be it. And bubble tea. And salmon nigiri. Okay, I guess I have a few things, then.

18. Antonia Iacobescu’s face. Girl, how are you real. Get out of here.

19. Anything and everything cocktails, especially the very colorful fruity ones. A few friends and I went to a cocktail bar called Raoul’s in Jericho (Oxford) a while ago, and watching the bartenders mix things at breakneck speed was like watching a teppanyaki demonstration with alcohol. It was marvelous.

20. Instagram. I have become an Instagram fiend over the past half-year. Sorry not sorry —



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