About the Blog(ger)


Blogging was massively popular when I was an undergrad at Princeton (fall 2010 – spring 2014), probably because Princeton kids tend to go to fabulous places for fabulous internships over the summer months, and apparently experiences aren’t experiences until you’ve Instagrammed and blogged them to death first. So I followed the herd in 2012, a fabulous-ass year (not to be confused with a fabulous ass-year, which is something entirely different).

In 2012, I spent the summer in New York City living on the Lower East Side/East Village border with a roommate from school and then later stayed by myself in a Chelsea apartment while working a fashion internship near Midtown. The following September I hopped the pond to study English literature for 3 months in London. I wasn’t expecting to return to the UK so soon after my semester abroad, but a surprise fellowship & grad course acceptance landed me a summer 2013 session at Oxford.

During that full year spent shuttling across the Atlantic Ocean between the States and the UK, I catalogued what I saw and went through. This blog touches upon anything and everything that I cared to write about during my time on both sides of the Atlantic, major categories including “as seen on the streets” (e.g., big-city sidewalk experiences on commutes) and “inexplicably momentous moments” (a tag I created mostly because I couldn’t think of a more precise label).

Post-NYC and post-London/Oxford I intermittently write and think about pop culture and/or snap photos of my northeastern US campus. That’s…that’s about it.

I’ve blogged before–if you can call erratically posting to-do lists and self-critical rants during varying times of stress and mind-numbing boredom “blogging”–but invariably my efforts give way to my (rather consistent) stupendous laziness. This is my first stab at consistency.

– – –

As for me, the most relevant thing about me in regards to this blog is the fact that I jump around. A lot. Mostly because I can never decide what to focus on.

If you care to hear about the rest, I was an English major at a leafy northeastern college, a big-city person tragically residing in suburbia for most of the year, an eager devour-er of poetry and indie music, and an unstoppable collector of books. My biggest interests are in Modern literature, gender and racial politics, and making places look ridiculously pretty in photos (or at least trying to). I also spend a lot of time thinking about the role of pop culture, problems of colonial legacies, film analysis, the fashion blogosphere, and the general construction of language. All (or none) of these may find their way into my blog, and most likely without warning.

Oscar Wilde and Stephen Fry are my dream dinner party guests. I don’t own pink or purple clothes. I never wear hats. Two of my favorite little pleasures in life are A) wearing inappropriately casual clothing to university halls, and B) wearing inappropriately nice clothing to airports. And I don’t necessarily like or know how to write about myself.


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