Best of This Blog

My personal favorite entries of mine — conveniently compiled in one place.

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New York

nyc 7-20-12 07

(ONE): “The Surprise Violinist, OR Always Keep Your Camera Close” – June 18, 2012. Learning to have a camera on-hand for sudden and interesting sights.

(TWO): “Slightly Inconvenient, OR My Pathological Fear of the Subway” – June 22, 2012. 

(THREE): “A Nice Fountain, OR a Stinking Cesspool of Disease” – June 30, 2012. Appreciating the lives and stories of strangers.

(FOUR): “Three Weeks In, OR a Love Letter to New York” – July 2, 2012. 

(FIVE): “The Awful Man-Made, OR Why We Like to Marvel at Shiny Things” – July 6, 2012. Why fireworks are so fascinating.

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London Eye, 12/12/12

 (ONE): “A Healthy Sense of Humor, OR How to Cope with Nearly Zero Comfort” – September 18, 2012. First impressions of daily life in London.

(TWO): “A Few Little Things, OR Maybe This Counts as Mild Culture Shock?” – September 22, 2012. The beginnings of noticing British/American contrasts.

(THREE): “Here and Home, OR an Ongoing Catalogue of Amusing Contrasts” – October 13, 2012. Even more contrasts between the UK and US.

(FOUR): “All By My Onesie, OR Perks of Being a Lone Traveler” – October 21, 2012. 

(FIVE): “A Very Important Issue, OR Something That Follows Me From Country to Country” – October 27, 2012. An aspect of diversity that most people don’t like to think about.

(SIX): “Just Images, Take Four, OR A Day Trip to Oxford” – November 7, 2012. Pictures taken in and around Oxford University.

(SEVEN): “Perspective, OR How to Spend Thanksgiving Overseas” – November 23, 2012. What I’m thankful for this year.

(EIGHT): “Quick Look Back, OR a Master List of Everything I Did in the UK” – January 2, 2013. All (or at least most) of my activities, cataloged in one place.

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6-24-13 38

(ONE): “Clarity, OR Isn’t That How It Goes?” – July 29, 2013. Little moments.

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Home, Princeton, & Misc.

Princeton archway, Rockefeller College

(ONE): “A Very Important Issue, OR Something That Follows Me From Country to Country” – October 27, 2012. On racism, microaggression and such. 

(TWO): “Completely Irrelevant to this Blog, OR Scattered Thoughts on Victoria’s Secret, etc.” – November 10, 2012. Discussing problems with the brand’s marketing style and its treatment of women.

(THREE): “My Imaginary Reading List, OR Things I’d Love to See More Often in Fiction” – June 23, 2013. Socially responsible writing.

(FOUR): “Eliminating the Beauty Requirement, OR Why Saying ‘We’re All Beautiful Anyway’ Does Not Liberate Women” – September 1, 2014. How that rhetoric actually reinforces the prioritization of women’s looks. 

(FIVE) – “College Revisited, OR Guidelines for Doing It All Again” – February 25, 2014.


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